Spring is Coming

One of my favorite spring/summer activities is to spend time on the north shore of Massachusetts, and to of my favorite towns are Rockport and Gloucester. I will post a few images here. There are a lot more in my portfolio.

This collection is available on Fine Art America


REVIEW: Cam Ranger Mini

I recently added the CamRanger mini to my camera kit and I have to say I am very impressed! Tether Tools offers several wireless tethering options depending on your requirements. I decided on the Cam Range Mini because of it’s size and it has all the options I need in the field.

The Cam Ranger could not be easier to use. Just download the appropriate app to your phone and/or tablet. Plug the Cam Ranger into your camera, connect the Cam Ranger WiFi to your mobile device and you are good to go.

Now you are all set to use your phone or tablet as a live view monitor to give you a great way to frame your shot. With the camera on a tripod you can use the Cam Ranger to to control your camera including making the exposure.

I really like the ease of camera control allowed by the Cam Ranger. With my camera set on manual I was able to have total hands free control. I was able to easily live view the scene and using the histogram as a guide I was able to easily make exposure decisions setting shutter speed aperture and trigger the camera all hands free.

You can view and/or download the images from your camera on your mobile device and move, store or simply view your work instantly.

The Cam Ranger Mini comes with everything you need to get started. It comes in a nylon zipper case and contains the Cam Ranger Mini, a cable to connect the cam ranger to your camera and a charging cable.

My field tests revealed a continuous shooting time of about two-hours. I really like that I was able to extend the run time by attaching an external battery. The Cam Ranger Jr will continue to function fully while charging so as long as you have backup juice you can go al day.

Downtown, Then and Now

Lower manhattan is normally a vibrant busy place. Thanks to resent Coronavirus those busy streets are all but completely empty.

The average lunchtime by the World Trade Center
Lunchtime. March 19th, by the World Trade Center

The corona virus has left the streets empty as schools close and people work from home. I have not seen the streets this empty since 9/11 turned this very street into a war zone.

This pedestrian street leading up to the World Trade Center is normally packed with tourists and local workers. Today only one worker can be seen, the street sweeper.

This is just a snapshot, a moment in the life of the largest city in the United States and the financial Capitol of th world. We may not be on the streets but we are here, every last one of us. We are here working, praying and here for each other as we, like the rest of the world come together to tackle this global health crisis.