Downtown, Then and Now

Lower manhattan is normally a vibrant busy place. Thanks to resent Coronavirus those busy streets are all but completely empty.

The average lunchtime by the World Trade Center
Lunchtime. March 19th, by the World Trade Center

The corona virus has left the streets empty as schools close and people work from home. I have not seen the streets this empty since 9/11 turned this very street into a war zone.

This pedestrian street leading up to the World Trade Center is normally packed with tourists and local workers. Today only one worker can be seen, the street sweeper.

This is just a snapshot, a moment in the life of the largest city in the United States and the financial Capitol of th world. We may not be on the streets but we are here, every last one of us. We are here working, praying and here for each other as we, like the rest of the world come together to tackle this global health crisis.


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