Evolving Fashion

If you follow fashion then you know trends come and go. Now days a anew arivae on the fashion scene is the face mask. Early on during the corona virus epidemic we have been told to wear face masks. Not the most fashionable accessory. Many people have protested the idea, others have simply refused to wear them. yet they have become a practical accessory.

Masks can be fun…

Ok, maybe not Venetian Masquerade ball fun but there are a lot of colorful options. Just because masks are necessary at the moment doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable.

There are already a lot of colorful generic masks on the market. I would love to see more designers creating masks as coordinated accessories.

Lets Face it

Masks are going to be a part of our future for a long time.Lets have fun with it and accept it as the essential part of our wardrobe that it is.

Downtown Shutdow

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