Evolving Fashion

If you follow fashion then you know trends come and go. Now days a anew arivae on the fashion scene is the face mask. Early on during the corona virus epidemic we have been told to wear face masks. Not the most fashionable accessory. Many people have protested the idea, others have simply refused to wear them. yet they have become a practical accessory.

Masks can be fun…

Ok, maybe not Venetian Masquerade ball fun but there are a lot of colorful options. Just because masks are necessary at the moment doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable.

There are already a lot of colorful generic masks on the market. I would love to see more designers creating masks as coordinated accessories.

Lets Face it

Masks are going to be a part of our future for a long time.Lets have fun with it and accept it as the essential part of our wardrobe that it is.

Downtown Shutdow

A Long Way Back

New York was hit hard and early by the covid virus. After a long struggle New York City is slowly reopening.

It was good to walk around on a sunny July Sunday and see people out enjoying themselves as we all adjust to the “New normal”

Diners enjoying sit-down service offered by the many restaurants and pubs along Dykeman Street in the Inwood section of Manhattan.

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Downtown Shutdown

“The City that never sleeps” would seem to have dozed off as all but the most essential workers have been staying behind closed doors since the arrival of the coronavirus.

Downtown Shutdown is a part of a larger story I have been working on to memorialize the affects the shutdown has had on NewYork. This series of images were captured on Wednesday May 27th, during the lunch hour.

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What The Hell…

I started this blog to showcase and share my photography. I was especially excited to start sharing some new projects that were just getting underway. Then out of nowhere we got struck by COVID-19.

As we quickly watched the virus spread around the United States New York advance to first place. As a New Yorker I like it when our city is first but in this instance, not so much.

A few weeks ago I joined millions of my fellow New Yorkers who started to shelter in place. Thats was one of the hardest to do as my first instinct would have me hitting the street with my camera.

I did venture out once at the end of my first week of confinement to find largely empty aprks and streets. The same empty parks and streets we have all seen on TV and in printed media.

As I walked around, keeping my distance from the few people I encountered I couldn’t help but thinking “What the hell”? It was at that moment it struck me what we are up against.

While this virus has put my plans on hold it will not stop me from sharing work I have already created. In the days and weeks ahed I will be posting images and stories from projects of the past. Images I hope will lighten the mood and remind us of better times as we wait to emerge from this crisis and return to more normal lives…

The Great Outdoors

Enjoy the view if not the benches

As many of us are stuck inside these days I thought I would share some of my favorite outdoor images.

Bow Bridge, Central Par, New York City
Inner Harbor, Gloucester MA.
Aerial View Boston tea Party Ship. Boston MA.

Visit my portfolio to view a larger collection of sNew England Waaterfront.

These images and more are available on Fine Art America

Downtown, Then and Now

Lower manhattan is normally a vibrant busy place. Thanks to resent Coronavirus those busy streets are all but completely empty.

The average lunchtime by the World Trade Center
Lunchtime. March 19th, by the World Trade Center

The corona virus has left the streets empty as schools close and people work from home. I have not seen the streets this empty since 9/11 turned this very street into a war zone.

This pedestrian street leading up to the World Trade Center is normally packed with tourists and local workers. Today only one worker can be seen, the street sweeper.

This is just a snapshot, a moment in the life of the largest city in the United States and the financial Capitol of th world. We may not be on the streets but we are here, every last one of us. We are here working, praying and here for each other as we, like the rest of the world come together to tackle this global health crisis.